Fukushima Earthquake

This is completely unrelated to my writing, but as I lived in Morioka, Japan (northwest of Sendai) for awhile in college, I am keeping the people of Iwate prefecture in my heart and mind while we wait to see what happens with the potential tsunamis. I still remember getting woken up in the dead of night in 2011 with news of the last major earthquake in that area, one that was one of the costliest disasters in human history, and I am scared for my friends still living in Japan right now.

At least one of my friends in the area has checked in via Facebook. I’ve messaged my host family to see if they’re alright. I’m still waiting to hear from my old roommate who relocated to Japan permanently a few years back. I’ll update this post as I learn more.

I’ve heard from my host family, and they’re all okay. Still waiting to hear from my old roommate. It looks like the tsunami warnings have been lessened, so there’s at least that. I’ve seen some videos of the quake, and it didn’t look good. I’m continuing to hold the people of Iwate close to my heart tonight.

And I’ve finally heard back from my old roommate. She’s fine. Now it’s just a matter of waiting to hear about the damage from the quake.

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