Status Sunday, Writing

Status Sunday #2

Happy Status Sunday, guys! I have to admit, I spent a LOT of time this week getting ready for a work trip I’m starting tomorrow, so I haven’t gotten as much writing-related things taken care of, but it’s been a productive week nonetheless.

This week, I’ve done the following:

  1. Started Reader, which is just under 3,000 words right now.
  2. Finished the first group of commission pieces for Burner (mainly settings)
  3. Continued working on getting scenes from Burner illustrated
  4. Settled on an editor for Burner and reserved a slot for January.

I’m planning on the following for this week:

  1. Continue working on Reader. I have been trying to get at least a thousand words written a night this past week, but since I’ll be on-site for work, that may not be possible. Still, I’m going to make sure I’m spending SOME time working on it every day.
  2. Hearing back from readers of Burner. The few who have gotten back to me have been generally positive. I’m looking forward to getting full feedback from folks.

Like I said, I will be at a client site for my day job all next week, so I may not be able to get detailed blog posts written. I’ll do my best to get some quality content out next week, though. See you all (hopefully!) tomorrow.

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