Status Sunday

Status Sunday #7

Good morning! I’ve got a busy day today, including a second Christmas with my Indianapolis family, so this is going to be a quick Status Sunday.

Things I’ve accomplished this week:

  1. Morning routine is getting its feet under itself, but writing has not been happening as much during that time as I’d like. That being said, I have worked on Reader every day this week, which is an improvement from last week.
  2. I emailed all of my artists and have received updates and some proofs. Good to have that moving along smoothly.
  3. I also emailed my readers and have gotten feedback from a handful of them. I’ll probably send another email out on the 11th, since that’ll give me exactly a week before I send the draft to the editor.
  4. I did a TON of work on the book’s website yesterday to handle a lot of CSS issues on the site, including reworking the majority of the mobile site. It was very weird to get back into the web dev mindset, but I’m glad my skills weren’t entirely too rusty.

Things I need to accomplish this week:

  1. Actually hit my 1,000 words a goal day. I’ve set a deadline of May 1st for the first draft of Reader being done, and I need to pick up the pace if I’m going to hit that ASAP.
  2. Get a Kickstarter plan written down. We know when we’re going to do it, but I want to get it written out.
  3. Get ISBN’s purchased.
  4. Final review of my draft before sending it off to the editor.

I have to go make mashed potatoes and some carrots for our second Christmas dinner. Talk to you all tomorrow!

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