Another Personal Post

Apologies for missing BOTH Wednesday and Friday’s posts. It’s been a bit of a hectic week here, and I completely forgot about updating both nights.

That being said, a lot of good work happened this week, including more work on Burner and Reader. I also got a little bit of relaxation time in yesterday, as I had the day off from work (primarily to take my mother-in-law to the doctor’s in the morning). I got around 600 words written, then binge watched a TV show and got a TON of knitting done.

For those of you who don’t know, my other big creative outlet is knitting. My grandmother and my mom were both knitters, and I learned when I was thirteen. Since then, I have no idea how many things I’ve made or how much yarn I’ve used. I’ve made multiple queen-sized blankets, including one that took me about as long to finish as my first novel did. There are multiple studies out there showing the therapeutic benefits of knitting, and man, did I need it. This whole book process is rather stressful, especially as I get closer and closer to the projected publication date. There are also some personal things going on that I’m not able to talk about here but are, safe to say, extremely stressful.

Again, apologies for missing the other posts and for how short this one is. I’m rocking a bit of a migraine today (I get them a couple times a month, generally speaking), so I may not get much more work-work done until I either take a nap, or the Excedrin kicks in. We’ll see.

Talk to you all again tomorrow for Status Sunday!

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