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Status Sunday #9

Good evening, friends! It’s been an extremely productive weekend for me, which has been a very nice change of pace. I finished reading two books this week, along with getting the opportunity to binge watch SyFy’s interpretation of The Magicians by Lev Grossman. Gotta say, it’s an intriguing and entertaining world, and I would recommend it if you’re looking for a new take on the whole magical school genre.

Now, onto business as usual.

Things I accomplished this last week:

  1. I sent Burner off to an editor for its last round of revisions. I have to admit, it’s pretty exciting to have it in the hands of a professional, and I’m hoping I get good feedback that’ll strengthen the story. And while I wait for that, I’m enjoying the break from the book.
  2. I’ve got a lot of work on Reader done this week, another nice change of pace for me. I’m hoping to keep that momentum going this next week.
  3. I’ve signed on my last two artists, which is also exciting. They’re both illustrating scenes from Burner, and I’m looking forward to getting thumbnail sketches this week. My portrait artist, Megan Bradbury, is about to finish a group shot of the three main characters, which I’ll post here as soon as it’s finished. It looks great, so I’m excited to share it with everyone.
  4. I sat my husband down and told him we needed to start working on that Kickstarter plan, and we’re going to be brainstorming on it tonight after dinner. Hopefully I’ll have a more concrete idea of what we’re doing shortly.

Things I want to accomplish next week:

  1. I’d really like to get another two chapters written in Reader. My writing group has finished Burner, so I need to make sure I have stuff to show them each week. Maybe having a deadline will help keep me motivated and working when I don’t feel like it.
  2. I need to get that Kickstarter plan written out, so I can start thinking about donation tiers and such. If you’re a reader and interested, please give me ideas of what you’d like to get in a Kickstarter supporting the Affinity Series and Burner in particular.
  3. Get some more reading in. I always forget how rejuvenating it is for my creative energy to read, and I’ve got a ton of books to get through, including the latest entry in the Brent Weeks’ Lightbringer series.

I’ll see you all tomorrow night, where I’ll talk about how I approach world building in the Affinity Series universe.

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