Status Sunday

Status Sunday #13

Evening, folks! It’s been a productive day in my household, which is a nice change of pace from last weekend. I’ve managed to make up the deficit that those five days created in the draft for Reader, and I think it’s starting to get interesting. We’re also getting closer to publication for Burner, which is somewhat nerve-wracking, but also exhilarating. I cannot wait for you all to see it.

Anyway, let’s get down to brass tacks: Status Sunday #13, ho!

Things I’ve accomplished last week:

  1. Reader is now over 15k words long, which is great. I really thought I was going to lose more steam on it with the break from being deathly ill, but I’ve thankfully been regimented and gotten back into working on it daily. Today, I wrote over 2k words alone. It was nice to finally hit my stride on one of the main plots of the novel and then expand on it in a chapter. Fingers crossed, this momentum keeps going.

Things I want to accomplish this week:

  1. Finish cleaning up the Kickstarter stuff. I’d been trying to be clever with the different backer levels, but it’s just coming across as corny. I’m going to transition them to more generic titles, if I even continue to use them. I also need to get the video shoot rescheduled. It was supposed to happen last week, but with getting sick and all, that fell through.
  2. Maybe hit 20k in Reader? I don’t need to do that in order to make my target date for 50k, but I think it would be nice to keep writing a LOT.
  3. Re-read Burner now that it’s been edited professionally. It’s time for me to go through it once more and make my final round of tweaks, if there are any. Once that’s done, I can get it formatted for print and digital, and then I just have to get the ISBNs. I’m so close to publication, I can taste it.
  4. Follow up on the last two pieces of outstanding art. I’d like to get those done before March, if possible.

I’ll see you guys again tomorrow for a regular post. Now that we’re getting close to publication, I may drop down to three times a week: Mondays and Fridays, plus Status Sundays. I need to get focused on promotion on social media sites, as well as getting print materials put together, all of which takes time away from me writing blog posts. We’ll see how it goes.

I hope you all have a lovely evening, and I will see you tomorrow for our regular post!