Goal Setting – Making the Overwhelming Manageable

I’ll admit that this post is probably a little off-center for the message of this blog, but learning how to set reasonable goals is one of the few ways I’m able to stay on top of my work. If you’ve never worked on goal setting before, this will be a very basic primer for you. If you’re more familiar with setting goals, treat this as a refresher.

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Character Voice

I swear there’s something about this time of the year that always ends up with me catching some kind of upper respiratory thing. I’ve got some kind of fever thing going on right now, so no promises that this is going to be a phenomenal blog post. That being said, I’m going to continue my series on character creation, focusing on how to find and keep your character voice consistent.

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Character Building From the Ground Up

An effective story is more than just an engaging plot. You have to create characters that your readers can connect with and that come alive on the page. Without compelling characters, you will struggle to craft a compelling story. This is one of a series of posts discussing ways to build multidimensional characters that are realistic and engaging. Today, I’ll talk about how to start creating those characters.

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Writing Resources

Evening, everyone. Tonight’s post is going to be a collection of resources that I use for writing. Hopefully you’ll find something that will help you with your writing. Click the read more to see the full list.

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Anxiety and Authorship

Self-publication is a fairly scary road. You don’t have the protection of a publishing house and all of the benefits that it brings. No marketing department, no art direction, no budget for making appearances and tables at conventions. Your book will likely never be on store shelves. There’s also the stigma associated with self-publishing. Lonely housewives, writing smut and trying to sell it or give it away. Poorly written, poorly edited, poorly plotted. There’s a sea of terrible fiction out there, and you’re throwing your story onto the top of the pile and hoping it doesn’t sink.

In this post, I’m going to talk about the stress and burdens that come with self-publishing and what I do to combat them.