Quick (and late!) Update

Hey guys! Things are really taking off right now. We’re getting Burner off to the printer tomorrow to get a proof copy before ordering our first round of paperbacks. I’m also making my final changes to the manuscript, as well as getting other print materials together. I’ll be making an announcement about our publication date soon, along with making the digital copy available for pre-order on Amazon.

As such, I’ve gotten COMPLETELY bogged down with work. I’m afraid regular posts are probably going to stop for a bit while I keep chugging along with publication and the marketing that goes with it. If anyone wants to find out what I’m doing, you’re welcome to find me on Twitter. DMs are open, so feel free to message me if you don’t want to tweet at me instead.

Thanks for your patience! We’re getting close to the end with Burner!


Prepping for Publication

Well, we’re getting closer to a publication date with Burner. I’m thinking it’ll be sometime in March or April, depending on what happens with the Kickstarter preparation. I decided to prep my own manuscript for print and digital, rather than paying someone to do it, and MAN, do I understand why people pay for that service. I’m thankful that I have my background in graphic design because it made it a lot easier to get everything looking decent. It was still a pretty intense process, though. My eyes were burning by the end of it. Still, the print version is about 99% done (I’m waiting on two art pieces), and the digital version won’t take much longer to be finalized.

It’s nice to be getting closer to the end point. 🙂

My husband is out of town this weekend, which means heavy-duty parenting. I’ll try to get a more lengthy/weighty post out on Monday, when he’s home.


Riding the Struggle Bus to Sleep Town

I’m having another one of those weeks where finding balance and time to get writing done is a struggle. My husband has spent most of this month out of town for work, which means that I’ve been single-parenting the majority of February. And honestly? I don’t understand how people do this and find time for themselves. I haven’t been able to sit down and get to writing until 9:30-10pm every night this week, which is incredibly rough when you have to be up early to get a kid off to school. Hubby’s not back until Tuesday, either, so it’s going to be another three days until I’ll be able to get any time to myself. Thankfully, my daughter enjoys sleeping in, so I’ll be able to catch a couple extra z’s tomorrow morning, but I’m already exhausted, and I know the end is not as close as I’d like it to be.

The only silver lining for the whole thing, though, is that my daughter and I have been able to spend a lot of quality time together. I am so surprised at how quickly she’s grown up, and it’s a lot of fun to see her becoming more and more of a person. I’m glad I’m able to find at least some balance between the work and my time with her, even though the work tends to lose more often than it wins.

Anyway, since this is a rather stressful week and I don’t have much that I want to talk about, I’m going to just let this be a personal post, rather than an informational one. I’ll try to pick an interesting topic for Monday, and in the meantime, I’ll see you on Sunday for our weekly update.


Touch Base

I have to say, getting this sick is really bad for your productivity. I’m behind on my schedule for Reader, and because I don’t have an active readership, I’m going to be skipping tonight’s blog post to try and make up the deficit from the last week. I’ll see you guys on Friday, where I’ll talk about character motivation as a plot device.



Apologies – Continued

So, I do not have bronchitis! I have pneumonia. I’ll be going another night without a blog post, but I’ll try to get one written tomorrow morning to make up for it.

You all have a lovely evening!