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Character Motivation

Hi again, everyone! I’m finally starting to feel human again, so that means we can pick up where we left off with my series of posts on characters. Today, I’ll be talking about how understanding your character’s motivations will help strengthen your plot lines and improve the quality of conflict in your narratives.

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Character Voice

I swear there’s something about this time of the year that always ends up with me catching some kind of upper respiratory thing. I’ve got some kind of fever thing going on right now, so no promises that this is going to be a phenomenal blog post. That being said, I’m going to continue my series on character creation, focusing on how to find and keep your character voice consistent.

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Character Building From the Ground Up

An effective story is more than just an engaging plot. You have to create characters that your readers can connect with and that come alive on the page. Without compelling characters, you will struggle to craft a compelling story. This is one of a series of posts discussing ways to build multidimensional characters that are realistic and engaging. Today, I’ll talk about how to start creating those characters.